“This Is . . . My Inspiration Board” (& a Shop Update Too)

Posted Monday 3 March 2008 and filed under: Craft: Other Projects,Craft: Softies & Dolls,Just Sharing

A day late on the “This is . . . “ this week due to trying to get the shop update all done and dusted :-) Thanks to Pip for the great theme. I posted up a pic of my inspiration board a few posts ago but here it is again. If you click on the image, it will take you to the flickr pic where I have added some notes on where bits and pieces have come from.

Also, the shop has been updated for March with:

I tried something new this time around thanks to a suggestion from a lovely blog reader and put Anouk the Woodland Girl Bunny up on eBay. You can find her here. Her listing will finish on the 7th of March.

A few more pics from the shop update -

Anouk and her satchel with little bunny friend:

Ayumi the Woodland Girl (now SOLD):

And the Tango Peg Bear Art Print framed:

Heaps more pics in my shop and in flickr.

Off to catch up on my Bloglines! Happy Monday!

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20 Responses to ““This Is . . . My Inspiration Board” (& a Shop Update Too)”

  1. Maureen Says:

    I really love your inspirationboard….there a lots of beautifull things on it!


  2. Diane Says:

    I love them all – particularly the little rabbit friends!!


  3. Jenny Says:

    Lovely board-very neat and full of all sorts of goodies! Your softies are divine!


  4. Net Says:

    Your inspiration board is just beautiful! Your new shop things look amazing too. Just off to explore your board some more…


  5. rhelynn Says:

    Oh sweet bunny in a satchel!! *love*


  6. Maureen Says:

    Quite an orderly board…which I tend to think is a bit out of the ordinary. So your mind must have room for great designs too! Anouk and her bunny ARE precious. ;-)


  7. Betty in the Kitchen Says:

    Lovely lovely images.

    So many gorgeous things to inspire and delight.

    thankyou for sharing


  8. Starashan Says:

    wow I love this, it would have to be one of my favourite yet!


  9. creatist Says:

    lovely…you are doing real hard work…:)


  10. Ravenhill Says:

    Your work is just fabulous! You are truly an artist and your work is highly original. Thank you for sharing!


  11. bowerbird Says:

    They are all amazing…and I love your inspiration board…it’s so tidy! I can barely see anything on mine anymore – Too much inspiration???


  12. Kyla Says:

    What a great board. i love all the pictures you have on it. The one from Malota is so cute.


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  17. Roubbininag Says:

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  18. Hoover Windtunnel Says:

    I think i got gift idea for my sister, Thank you,


  19. Mirian Elizabeth Says:

    Your works very beautifull. I love this.


    jhoanna Reply:

    Thank you so much Mirian!


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