When I grow up . . .

Posted Sunday 21 September 2008 and filed under: Craft: Softies & Dolls,Inspired By,Just Sharing

Thanks to Bug and Pop* for this week’s “This Is” theme – “This is what I want to be when I grow up“.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I want to be Beci Orpin when I grow up :-)

{Beci Orpin. Image credit: Outre Gallery}

Well, of course, not actually be her or be exactly like her but I think more to be engaged creatively and make stuff on a full-time basis, in a number of different mediums; and to fully develop my own style and have that translate across the different mediums; and to do it well. Like she does. I think that’s what I meant :-) And then there’s my little secret wish – no so secret anymore – which is to quit my job and study Textile Design. But that is still many years away I think.

It’s kind of funny that this is the theme this week because I just started reading “The Divided Heart” by Rachel Power (as recommended by Claire and a few other creative Mums) and so far I am nodding in agreement at the end of every page. Sometimes I cringe because it has spoken so clearly and so honestly about feelings I would have never admitted to anyone – those feelings that arise during moments of excruciating frustration, juggling motherhood and the desire to be freely engaged in a creative process (and feeling like a complete failure at both). And it’s got me thinking about what I really want to work towards – “what I want to be when I grow up” – which is something like what I’ve written up there. But I’m still figuring it out and still thinking about what little thing I can do everyday during those spare minutes to bring it into fruition.

So before I start heading off on a tangent, I highly recommend the book for all creative Mums and Mums-to-be. Lots – LOTS – of food for thought and so many amazing insights- and I’m only up to the 3rd chapter!

Okey dokey, so back to making stuff :-) Babushka Soft Doll #2 was completed a few days ago – made from vintage Japanese kimono scraps and wool felt:

I spent last Friday out and about with the girls, including a trip to Hudson so that they could see the show (they loved it :-)). A few things we collected from the day: cutie-pie brooches from Lark (from Dymocks in the city), a key chain from Heidi’s Yummy Breakfast collaboration with kidrobot, and Yoshimoto Nara postcard (both from Hudson), and the cutest little owl in my favourite kind of green that Nikki brought back from Japan (thanks Nikki!).

* By the way, check out Bug and Pop’s new shop of super cute kids clothes!

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5 Responses to “When I grow up . . .”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Jhoanna, you already have your own style and you do it so well! I can’t belive you think otherwise. Lovely Babushka doll. She’s so you!


  2. Handmaiden Says:

    you are so talented and do have your own style, I love yr babushka doll and I was sorry I was not in town to see yr show


  3. Jenny Says:

    That book sounds like a good one all right. I think you are already what you want to be when you’ve grown up and you do it so marvellously-such an inspiration to others too. Love your new dolly and her owly friend:)


  4. Cindy Says:

    I hope you liked this weeks theme. The eternal Mum juggle is such a hard one, and I think we all have such high standards for what we want to achieve it makes it hard to be happy with our successes. I really enjoyed reading this post and will grab that book and enjoying your spoonflower daliances until you get to studying!


  5. Paisley St Claire Says:

    Hi Jhoanna. Are you going to be selling any babushkas or are you still working on show softies? Jaime


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