Free Stitch Pattern: Little Mushroom Girl

Posted Saturday 17 January 2009 and filed under: Craft: Other Projects,Freebies & Tutorials

It’s funny how things randomly link up together sometimes. I’ve been reading “The Boss of You” since the beginning of the month and it got me thinking about new things I wanted to try this year. Then Red Chocolate chose the theme “Eye Spy something new to try in 2009” for last Sunday’s round. Then I drew up this postcard. Then with the whole “something new in 2009” buzzing around in my head, I started thinking about turning some of my little illustrations into embroidery patterns. Then Jane and Becky left comments on my postcard post about stitching the girl featured in the postcard! Weird hey?

Anyways, I have followed their suggestion (thanks ladies!) and have turned the little mushroom girl into an embroidery pattern:

Please click this link to download (it’s in PDF format): Little Mushroom Girl & Bunny Stitch Pattern

Just print it out, use transfer paper/pencil to trace the pattern, and iron-on to your chosen fabric.

Here’s what I’ve done with mine:

I cut out a piece of red ‘n’ white polka dot fabric for the mushroom hat and appliquéd it on (used iron-on adhesive); used mainly split stitch; used satin stitch on the frills of the dress; running stitch detail on the apron; and a bit of reverse appliqué for the rain-drops. It sits stretched over a 300mm embroidery hoop.

Here is it hanging above my youngest’s cot (yet to put more artwork on those empty walls!):

Other ideas for this pattern:
>> Make it into a panel for a cushion or a quilt block, or
>> Pretty up a plain canvas tote by embroidering it on one side, or
>> After embroidering, cut around the shape of the girl leaving a 2-3cm space around the whole girl. Cut a matching backing piece from your favourite patterned fabric. Sew together around the edge using a 1cm seam allowance with right-sides facing and leave a small gap for turning out. Turn right-side out and stuff with poly-fill. Ladder-stitch closed the opening. And ta-da! A little softie girl :-)

Hope you have fun with this and please send me pics of your work if you get a chance to stitch her up!

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24 Responses to “Free Stitch Pattern: Little Mushroom Girl”

  1. Ashley Ann Says:

    Cute! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Miss Muggins Says:

    That is super cute Jhoanna, must add it to my wish list…..


  3. corrie sebire Says:

    oh thank you for sharing with us! I will definitely have a go !



  4. Deb Says:

    Thankyou…this is just soooo gorgeous. My girls will love it!


  5. Patty Says:

    What a cute pattern! And, I love how you finished it off. This is my first visit to your blog and I was excited to see the link to your softie site. I need to go check that out too. Thanks for the embroidery pattern!


  6. Kirsty Says:

    She’s wonderful! Good on you Jhoanna.


  7. jodz Says:

    So very gorgeous.


  8. cristy Says:

    Thank you so much for this. It is just gorgeous.


  9. Kristy Says:

    Looks lovely hanging there!


  10. Cindy Is Crafty Says:

    This is the cutest and sweetest thing I have seen in a long time!


  11. Karrie Says:

    Thanks for sharing Jhoanna, she’s gorgeous!


  12. Jane Says:

    OH Jhoanna Thank you so much. I see you had the same idea I did for her hat. Know I need to find time to make one.



  13. becky Says:

    how cute is that!! Great job stitching too. glad to be of help ;)


  14. Hannie Says:

    She is really “LIEF” (dutch word for sweet). Thank you for the pattern, Jhoanna. O o, adds more to the very long “to do” list overhere. Kind regards and many thanks from The Netherlands!


  15. Myrnie Says:

    Adorable!! And is that Hillary’s space boy I see in the background? You have one lucky kid! :)


  16. linda Says:

    wow Jhoanna that is so generous of you, I am printing her out right now as she is sooo gorgeous and thank you for all the extra ideas to do with the pattern!!!


  17. Paisley St Claire Says:

    So cute! great job


  18. Peta Says:

    oh so lovely. more and more i’d like to try embroidery.


  19. meia Says:

    I just found your site through StumbleUpon. That mushroom girl is really cute, i just noticed a little difference between the pattern and the real one with their eyes or the eyebrow. =P


  20. Janice Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the pattern Jhoanna. I forgot how I found your site, but I am so glad I did.
    You are a wonderful artist and craftsman. You have a big heart to share your creations with us.

    :>) Janice


  21. Angela Says:

    These are great! I love the Mushroom Girl…


  22. Angela Selden Says:

    I love the Red Robin! I am so glad you are on the Intewrnet!


  23. Angela Says:

    Thanks. The Mushroom Girl is fantastic! I am going to get this and make a pillow…


  24. Josali Says:

    Wunderschön, danke für dieses tolle Pilzmädchen.


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