Tutorial: How to make a Bunka-style doll

Posted Friday 21 January 2011 and filed under: Craft: Softies & Dolls,Freebies & Tutorials

Tutorial: How to Make a Bunka-style Doll

As mentioned in the previous post, I tried my hand at making a Bunka-style doll.

To make the doll, I referred to the photos in this tutorial by Naramachi Beniya as a guide: http://www.naramachi-beniya.com/bunka-tukurikata.html

However, since it was in Japanese and did not provide pattern pieces, I drew up my own pattern pieces and put it together using my interpretation of the photos. I understand that traditional Japanese Bunka dolls are made in specific way, which is why I am referring to my doll as Bunka-style and not truly a Bunka doll.

I thought I would share how I put my Bunka-style doll together if you are interested in making one.

You can download the pattern pieces and instructions (in a zip file) from here: Bunka-style Doll Pattern & Instructions by One Red Robin (size: 4.8MB)

Although I’m really happy with the way the doll has turned out, there are a few things I would change with the next doll:

  1. Use muslin instead of calico
  2. Try a 2-piece pattern for the Head and see if this will produce less wrinkles and a smoother shape overall
  3. Use a slightly heavier fabric for the Bonnet (the Bonnet on this doll is quite floppy)
  4. Use a one-piece gathered panel for the bottom part of the dress for more volume
  5. Try colour-fast fabric markers for the face
  6. Maybe add some shoes :-)

If you make one, please do let me know as I’d love to see it!

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6 Responses to “Tutorial: How to make a Bunka-style doll”

  1. Christy Says:

    Gosh! That’s the cutest, sweetest dolly ever. Must clear my sked to make that cute doll. Thank you for the lovely tutorial and pattern.You are wonderful. :)


    jhoanna Reply:

    Thank you Christy! If you do make one, please let me know – would love to see!


  2. becky Says:

    i have never tried this style before– printing and giving it a go!


    jhoanna Reply:

    Yay! Let me know how you go Becky!


  3. Alison Berry Says:

    Thanks for this tutorial and the useful link! There was actually some pattern pieces, but sadly it’s a picture so the translator doesn’t work on it.



    jhoanna Reply:

    Thanks Alison. Yes, the original pattern is in Japanese, which is why I created my own pattern that you can download (in English) – just follow the link in the post to download!


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