Posted Tuesday 19 October 2010 and filed under: Craft: Babies & Kids,Craft: Other Projects

Shock horror!! Yup, I have actually been sewing! Okay, just for a few minutes here and there when I’ve got a moment to myself but the sewing machine has been getting a little workout.

And this is what I’ve been sewing up:

I think I may have caught a little Baby-Bib-fever (note: not to be confused with Bieber-fever). Who doesn’t love a quick and easy project that provides a good excuse to just play with fabric again, randomly mixing up patterns and colours? Vintage English souvenir tea-towels in pristine condition were bib-ified, as were some classic Echino and Aunty Cookie prints – love how that Aunty Cookie print includes the phrase “I’m Hungry” :-)

Check out this gorgeous little guy in one of the bibs I made a while ago – he’s so ridiculously cute!

I’ve also started on some dolls, which I’m excited about. And I have to say, it’s so GOOD to be excited about making stuff again :-)

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In my creative space . . .

Posted Thursday 2 September 2010 and filed under: Craft: Babies & Kids,Craft: Other Projects,Good Finds,Just Sharing

Super-absorbent bibs for my newest nephew. Just have to hammer in those press studs. I love making these – a quick, easy and satisfying project, especially for the time-poor (like me!).

I’ve mocked up my own pattern for these bibs but if you’re looking for free bib patterns, try these:

More creative spaces over at Kirsty’s here.

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In my creative space

Posted Thursday 16 July 2009 and filed under: Craft: Babies & Kids,Just Sharing

are some bibs for bubs . . .

. . . still working on not-so-newborn-anymore gifts. My craft desk is a complete mess so I’ve laid them out on the floor instead – just need to hammer in the studs for the closures and they should be ready to go. Isn’t making bibs so soothing? They are probably one of the easiest (meaning least stressful) things to make for a baby and when you make a few at one sitting, it feels therapeutic to be going through the same simple movements one after another.

These are made from some of my favourite fabrics and backed with a nice, thick bath towel that I picked up on sale at Spotlight, hopefully making them quite absorbent. I noticed that Cam recently made a bib with the same print (hers in the black and mine in the grey up there) – it’s a really great print for boys and girls, but I seem to be using it a lot on boy-related gifts. I think I need more boy-friendly prints in my stash (yes, just another excuse to spend time looking in fabric stores and op shops!).

Hoping to get cracking on some softies this weekend. Still running, albeit very slowly since in my eagerness I have slightly injured my achilles tendon and some days, it hurts to walk (much less run). I’ve been spending my days at work with one shoe off, constantly performing foot stretches under the desk. I’m trying to take it very easy because next week is the first week in my 12-week training program for the 10km run in the Melbourne Marathon event in October (and I’m very excited about this!).

I am really overwhelmed (in a good way!) by all the lovely emails, comments and good wishes you have sent regarding the previous post. Thank you so much! Personally, it has been a tough week with a lot of other sucky stuff going on (the kinds of things that make you want to retreat to the mountains and become a hermit), so your words have been a saving grace. Thank you. Not much to report in terms of progress on getting the listing removed at this stage.

On a great note, Cherry (a member of the Adelaide Brown Owls) sent me this pic of Zing the Cat that she made from a project I have in Pip’s book. She is so cute! Love how it looks like she’s reaching out to give you a hug :-)

More creative spaces over here.

Hope you are all enjoying your week so far. So very, very glad it’s Friday tomorrow :-)

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Dolly Dolly Yeah

My creative space today: kitchen bench -

Hot cup o’ coffee. Breaking up reviews of documentation (that I have had to take home from the office) with staring at the pages of Dolly Dolly 16.

My goodness – how have I never heard of this magazine before??? Jamfancy mentioned it when making her gorgeous doll here so I looked it up on the net and ordered a copy just to see. And wow – so much dolly goodness! It’s all in Japanese so I have no clue what the articles are about but there are lots of swoon-worthy dolls:

And this issue has a tutorial on making really cute (and very real-looking) miniature treats like cakes and macaroons. There are also patterns for dolls and dolls clothes including a pattern for making the doll on the right – sweet!

So whilst I’m reading this mag I’m getting lots of good ideas about clothing for future dolls and quickly sketching a few out for refinement later on.

Some Peg Bears for the show have been completed (left-to-right: Nagma, Nakasi, Nha Nac, Nederpop and Nisiotika):

You’ll find individual pics over on my Flickr.

I’ve almost completed some cushions using my custom fabric . . .

. . . and I’m all fired up to get started on a few more button-jointed dolls like Constance on the weekend – completely inspired by Dolly Dolly :-)

More Creative Spaces here!

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One and the Same and More

Posted Thursday 15 March 2007 and filed under: Craft: Babies & Kids,Inspired By,Just Sharing

I received the “One and the Same” print from Sunberst yesterday and I have to say it makes me SOOO happy!

It is truly gorgeous in person and the quality of the print on matte canvas paper is superb. She also included a beautiful postcard and some fish lollies :-) Thanks so much Beth!

Here are a few other things in blog world that are smile-inducing:

And finally, just wanted to say that the 2 puppies, Rufus & Misha, are now up in the shop, plus the brown Bib-&-Burp-Cloth set and this green set as well (which incorporates some of my bird pattern).

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Something for a Bub

Posted Tuesday 13 March 2007 and filed under: Craft: Babies & Kids,Prints, Patterns & Fabric

Well, the patterns that were printed on untreated, normal, white cotton faded even more once it was washed. So I decided to get a pack of these and despite it burning a whole in my wallet, the final product (below) was of much better quality plus the fabric is machine washable:

I picked up a pack at Spotlight during the Labour Day sale yesterday. I also had a few bolts of fabric in my arms but they were quickly discarded once I realised I had to wait at least 2 hours in a very long line before reaching the cash register. Thankfully, this package of fabric goodness arrived today from PCP. It feels good to add a little bit of Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt, Prints Charming & Echino to the fabric collection :-)

I also took a break from making some softies to make a Bib and Burp Cloth set incorporating some of my boxed-apple pattern.

In January I think I mentioned that I wanted to get into baby accessories this year so I finally stopped procrastinating and just jumped into it. The bib closes with velcro, is backed with a thick 100% cotton towelling, and has cotton batting sandwiched in between for extra absorbency. The burp cloth also has the towel backing.

And finally, here’s another little pattern I’ve been working on:

And apologies for the dodgy photos today – having trouble with the natural lighting :-)

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