Chibi Doll for Craft Hope

Posted Monday 8 June 2009 and filed under: Craft: Original Chibi Dolls,Craft: Softies & Dolls

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! We’ve enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing long-weekend . . . always makes it hard to think about getting up for work again tomorrow!

I finished up this little gal and will be posting her off to Craft Hope’s Casa Bernabe Orphanage project:

Here’s a sneak peek at the amazing collection of dolls the project has received so far: Craft Hope Update

Thanks to Eren and the Craft Hope gang for organising this awesome project and providing the craft community with the opportunity to make a small friend for a very special child :-)

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Fifi, Figaro and the Unnamed one

Two fawns were finally completed this week. Fifi is made of a red wool cashmere and vintage fabric (from Dawn):

And Figaro is made from wool-blend suiting:

(Pics have been edited using Picnik)

The unnamed Happy Chibi Girl was also dropped off at Mikes this morning for Mirabel. She was a lot of fun to put together and I am hoping to make a few more yarn-haired dolls. I used a 50/50 cotton/wool blend mix for her hair. I am sure her recipient will bestow her with the perfect name :-)

It was lovely to have a quick catch-up with Cam and Pip again at their shop and I even got to meet the super-talented Mr Ghost Patrol in person :-) Speaking of Mikes, I finally have all my Christmas gift-shopping done (and am starting the less-fun task of wrapping).

Most of my shopping was done online after accepting the fact that there was no way I was going to have time to make gifts this year. Here’s some of the loot I bought from here, here, here, here and here – all very highly recommended!

Buy handmade this Christmas! :-) Happy December!

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More Chibi Girl Dolls & One Boy

Posted Sunday 19 October 2008 and filed under: Craft: Original Chibi Dolls,Craft: Softies & Dolls

I’m a little scatter-brained and a little lost for words at the moment, so here are some pics of the completed Chibi Dolls. A pair of Happy Chibi Girls in spring colours:

And a Baby Chibi Girl and Baby Chibi Boy:

Thank you for your comments on my last post – the above will be available in pattern form through Pattern Press in November. Just working on ironing out the bugs in the actual patterns.

Hope you’ve all had a refreshing weekend and ready for the new week ahead!

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Hello Pattern Press

Posted Thursday 16 October 2008 and filed under: Craft: Original Chibi Dolls,Craft: Softies & Dolls,Just Sharing

On my desk last night were a few dolls in progress:

I can finally share some news about these: the sewing patterns for Baby Chibi Doll – a Girl AND a Boy version – and Happy Chibi Doll will be available very soon!

I recently joined Pattern Press – a company that publishes and distributes sewing patterns. This means that I can now just concentrate on designing/writing up softie sewing patterns and not have to worry about the whole packaging/publishing/distributing/marketing side of things (as Pattern Press will be looking after all that for me). This also means that my patterns will be a whole lot more professional looking :-) and will be more widely available.

The sewing patterns for the Chibi dolls mentioned above, plus large Shmerpi Creatures (including a pirate) and the patchwork Seahorse are slotted in for official launch at the Australian Quilt Market trade show in November, here in Melbourne. I’ll be at the Pattern Press stall with Helen (business owner) and I am feeling both slightly nervous and very excited as it will be my first trade show. Preparing for the launch of these patterns has been taking up most of my crafting time lately so the life-size woodland dolls I mentioned previously have taken a back seat, but I am very excited to share with you what those dolls are for and hope to do so soon :-)

I also completed a challenging little project for me – a mini-Babushka soft doll.

She is smaller than the length of my hand and I was a little hesitant to actually work on her but you know what? It wasn’t so bad – it was actually fun and not frustrating as I had imagined it would be. The trickiest part was sewing in the base so that she can stand on her own. Yay for mini things! She is the accompanying child doll to Babushka Soft Doll #2.

And here are the goodies the Youngest and I picked up from the the Salvos oppie shop early this week:

Vintage bed sheet; cotton toddler-bed size blanket in great condition; two vintage-inspired aprons with fantastic fabric panels; a few doilies; and – yippee! – a whole bag of crocheted granny squares in different sizes and colour combinations. I seem to be on a crocheted-granny-square kick at the moment :-) I am hoping to learn how to join the squares so I can make some cushion covers and I am also thinking about incorporating individual squares into some of my softies. If you’ve come across an easy online tutorial for joining crocheted squares, please let me know in the comments!

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A Little Break in the Sunshine

Posted Thursday 11 September 2008 and filed under: Craft: Original Chibi Dolls,Craft: Softies & Dolls,Just Sharing

Back from the little blog break :-) We went to the Gold Coast. Wow – such lovely weather when we were there! Accommodation and passes to Dreamworld were for free so we couldn’t resist escaping, even if it was just for a couple of days.

We spent Father’s Day at Dreamworld, which was SO MUCH FUN. Hubby and I hadn’t been there for at least 20 years (boy, that makes us sound real old!) when we visited with our families (separately, not at the same time), so it was a real treat to share a day there with the girls. The girls enjoyed every minute, especially when they got to meet one of their favourite dinosaurs :-)

We also spent a wonderful day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and loved seeing lots of animals up close. Here’s hubby and the girls looking very relaxed at one of the rain forest look-outs at the sanctuary:

And two beautiful creatures we were able to encounter up close:

We’re all refreshed and ready to get stuck back into things. On the crafting front, I was able to make this little Baby Chibi for my cousin, who requested one for his girlfriend for their upcoming anniversary.

I also came home to find my copy of the recent Handmade magazine, where the pattern and instructions for Springbean the Bear are available:

Thanks again to all the lovely emails I’ve been receiving about the show. I’ve been told that all of the softies except for one owl will be going to new homes – yay!!! Many of the framed prints are still available and there are copies of these prints unframed at Hudson too (printed on archival cotton paper and limited edition of 50 each): Peaches Likes the Alphabet, The Owls Don’t Mind, Doddi Wonders . . ., and Anouk’s Distraction.

Thank you also to Jessica and Nancy for the sweet show plug – if you happen to be be looking for Peg Bears, there are three still available at Modamuse over here.

Now working on some owls and hope to have pics of them to share soon, but for now it’s goodnight!

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Oliver, Cadence, and My Mum

Posted Sunday 11 May 2008 and filed under: Craft: Original Chibi Dolls,Craft: Softies & Dolls,Just Sharing

Wishing all the Mamas & Mamas-to-be a wonderful Mother’s Day!!! I’ve been spoilt with chocolate, kisses, hugs and artwork from the girls :-) It is only fitting that the “This is” theme this week is “This reminds me of my Mum” by Angela.

My Mum is a very generous and giving soul – she’s the kind of person that if you remarked how nice that bracelet was that she was wearing, she would respond with, “Really? You like it? Here, do you want it?“. She and my dad sacrificed so much to give my brother and I a better future here in Australia. She is wise, strong in character, and loves and protects fearlessly. She is a woman of simple tastes but her one indulgence? Jewelry!

She has tried to share that love of jewelry with me but unfortunately, it hasn’t really stuck (sorry Mum!) When I was 8 years old, she gave me a very cute little container to store my jewelry and some pieces from her collection:

This is only a very tiny sample of what she has given me over the years – I have returned much of it to her given that it would get more use with her than with me! I think I mentioned in a previous post that I really don’t wear much jewelry, but I do keep these few pieces close at hand simply because they remind me of my Mum and her unconditional giving and loving spirit – two qualities I strive to develop in myself and in my girls.

In crafty news, Oliver the Owl was completed this week:

As was Happy Chibi Girl Cadence, her two outfits, and her little pouch-bag with mini-Peg Bear ;-)

She initially had a nose on her face but it just bugged me too much so I got rid of it! I decided to keep the ears (couldn’t resist putting button earrings on them!) and I think all Happy Chibi Girls will have ears from now on too :-). Cadence will be auctioned by Craft for China – I’ll post details up here as soon as she’s listed.

And welcome! to all the new readers who have stumbled upon my little blog for the first time, thanks to 3 lovely blogs:

>> One Red Robin was included in a round-up of Aussie design/craft blogs on Decor8 (blink and you’ll miss it :-))

>> A few photos from my studio and a short interview about my studio space were recently posted up on Poppytalk

>> And I talk a about what inspires me creatively on Hip Slope Mama

Off to enjoy more time with the girls (and of course, more chocolate!)

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Baby Chibis, Pop, & a New Happy Chibi

Posted Sunday 6 April 2008 and filed under: Craft: Original Chibi Dolls,Craft: Softies & Dolls,Just Sharing

Thank you to all of you that left a comment on the last post and shared your thoughts. It has been enlightening and helpful to understand your thoughts on the issue. I did want to clarify (which I should have done in the previous post) that I am not accusing the makers of the doll of outright copying or infringing of any law. A reader of this blog had raised a question about its similarity to some of my dolls and as I wasn’t so sure myself, I opened it up to you all to get some perspective and to understand your definition of “copying” and whether it was in terms of being identical or a degree of similarity, in the light of recent events in crafty blogland. (Phew, that was a long sentence!)

It is certainly a clear-cut case where two objects are exactly identical but how similar does an object have to be to another in order for it to be classified as a rip-off and for it to infringe on copyright? How much can one push the degree of similarity before it is deemed copying? A very tricky subject indeed! Definitely not a fun topic to address so your honest and open feedback was much appreciated!

Now, moving onto a much lighter and frivolous subject! I’ve finally completed a few softies – Baby Chibi Dolls and a Peg Bear. The printed details on these dolls have been blurred out as they are gifts and I don’t want to spoil the surprise :-)

I’ve used a very colourful and cute Japanese fabric and scamp sherpa fleece for this Peg Bear:

Aptly named Peg Bear Pop :-) He’s ready to jump on a plane (hence the cap!) and go off to another website for a giveaway they are hosting (more details soon!).

In progress is this little gal to be donated to a great cause:

It’s been a while since I’ve made a Happy Chibi Doll so it has been fun putting her together. I’m still trying to pick out the fabrics for her 2 outfits. She’s a little different from previous Happy Chibi Dolls as I’ve added some ears and a nose. I like the ears but am not so sure about keeping the nose – I’ll wait until she’s all done before I make the decision to keep it.

Next on the list are a few more Peg Bears, and then I need to get started on the April shop-update, which will be the last major shop-update until October :-)

I’m sitting out the “This Is” meme this week – the theme being “This is my jewellery/knick-knack box“. Such a great theme but I have to admit that I don’t actually own a jewellery or knick-knack box! In fact, I have very little jewellery (I tend to borrow from my Mum!) and wear very little daily (earring studs, watch, engagement ring and that’s it!). But I am looking forward to what all the other participants will be showing-and-telling today!

Hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend – I’m off to end the weekend on a high note and catch up with my best friend :-)

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Moving Down the List . . .

Thank you all for your lovely messages on my last post. I’m feeling normal again :-) And it definitely feels great to be feeling normal again!

A few more things have been crossed off the “to-make” Christmas gift list.

A couple of Baby Chibi Dolls:

And 12 kids and toddlers t-shirts. The screen-printing thing didn’t work out so I decided to choose a few of my favourite Little Golden Book Classic illustrations, scanned them, and printed them onto fabric sheets, which I then appliqued onto the t-shirts.

I also bought 12 different Little Golden Book Classics, so each t-shirt will be wrapped up with a book also.

Can you believe it’s just a week until Christmas??? It’s always interesting reading how others are preparing for Christmas on the other side of the world, dealing with much cooler weather and snow. We’ve been having very sunny weather here lately and the girls have been enjoying spending time outside.

We’re going to have Christmas Eve dinner at our house this year, with family and extended family coming over to join us, so major clean-up has begun starting with the front-yard. Hubby had the girls help him plant some flowers down the front path.

“Prepare-for-large-family-Christmas-Dinner” is another list all together and hope to get cracking on that list very soon too :-)

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October 2007 Shop Update

Happy (and relieved!) to let you know that my etsy shop has been updated with the following:

Happy Chibi Girl Coco

Happy Chibi Girl Chloe

Baby Chibi Doll Viveka

Baby Chibi Doll Matilda

Baby Chibi Doll Heidi

Sayeko the Shmerpi (#47)

Omari the Owl

Seahorse #5

Take ‘em Totes

Baby Chibi Doll Ana and Seahorse Softie patterns are also stocked.

More details and pics are here: One Red Robin Shoppe @ Etsy

I’ll probably be away from here for the rest of the week nursing 2 little sick bubs back to health :-) Be well!

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Saturday Sharing

Posted Saturday 13 October 2007 and filed under: Craft: Original Chibi Dolls,Craft: Softies & Dolls,Just Sharing

Ahhh, it’s a good Saturday :-)

Finally finished an overdue custom order of Baby Chibi Dolls from way back in August! The customer requested that 2 of the dolls be of the same print but in different colour-ways as they were to be gifted to her soon-to-arrive twin girls. Another Baby Chibi Doll was to be gifted from the twins to their big sister, whose initial was to be incorporated on the doll.

So here are Maisie, Michi and Maddie:

I also wanted to share few things that have been helping to make today a good Saturday :-)

First up, some vintage Japanese fabric! There is a shop in Australia on Collins in Melbourne up on the 5th floor called “Made in Japan“. They sell a range of Japanese goods from traditional teapots and kimonos to washi paper and assorted traditional fabric. I visit from time to time and yesterday they were having a little sale on everything in the shop. So I got to pick up these two Japanese fabric packs for about $40.

Inside are vintage fabrics pieces (different sizes) from kimonos and obis made from silks and cottons. On the right in the photo above is what the pack looks like unopened. On the left is what I found in one pack – 30 pieces of fabric! I’m thinking of using at least one pack for a quilt for Aurora – probably one of those blindly-cut-out-pieces-and-see-how-it-goes kind of quilts ;-)

More retail therapy resulted in some new additions to my little greeting-card collection thanks to Dymocks:

I’m also finally able to catch up on some movies! I haven’t been to a movie theater in years and this weekend I am hoping to enjoy these:

I also watched “Becoming Jane” and “Curse of the Golden Flower” last night. I’m definitely a fan of Jane Austen’s work and I had always been curious as to how her experiences in love and relationships shaped her writing and the development of characters in her own novels. I really enjoyed the movie although I must be completely honest and say that I did get lost in some of the dialogue – I had to go back in some scenes and replay them to try and understand what they were saying!

Curse of the Golden Flower” was visually stunning – like “Hero” and “House of Flying Daggers“, both of which I loved – but the supporting actors were, ummm, pretty awful! And the plot was weak. And the ending left me thinking “What??? That’s it??? But that doesn’t mean anything!!“. So I wouldn’t recommend that one.

But I do recommend going to a Stitching Night at Mikes! I’m looking forward to joining in on the one tomorrow night – my sis-in-law and her 2 friends are also coming along. I’m sure it will be a fun night!

Hope your weekend is filled with lots of loveliness too!

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