Ruby Doll Patterns and Instructions

The Ruby Doll is a simple and versatile small doll. On this page, you will find the basic pattern and instructions plus variations of the pattern. All patterns/instructions are PDF files so that you can simply download them and print.

Make them as gifts for your family and friends (or just for yourself :-)) but please do not sell toys made from these patterns. If the scale of the pattern is a little too tricky to work with, you can always enlarge the pattern using a photocopier.

When you’ve finished your Ruby doll, don’t forget to add her to the Ruby Soft Dolls Group on Flickr here for all to enjoy!

Ruby Doll #1: Basic Pattern and Instructions

This pattern and set of instructions form the basis for all future variations of the doll. You can download it here. The finished size of this doll is approximately 30cm (12 inches).

Ruby Dolls #2 & #3: Coming Soon!

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